Connected Hub is addressed to the following profiles

  • 01Automobile companies
  • 02OEMs
  • 03Technology Companies
  • 04Suppliers of specific hardware (sensors, radars, artificial vision, software, etc.)
  • 05Telecommunications operators
  • 06Technology integrators
  • 07Manufacturers of mobile devices
  • 08Remote, telematics and telediagnostic service companies
  • 09Insurers offering coverage for new business models (pay per use, pay per drive, etc.)

  • 10Collaborative driving platforms and mobility managers
  • 11Tracking, geo-location, security and antifraud services
  • 12Suppliers of entertainment, information and content
  • 13R&D centres
  • 14Consultancy
  • 15Startups
  • 16V2V/V2I communication companies
  • 17Press (technology and motor)
  • 18Software platforms
  • 19Data suppliers

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