Connected Street

The Automobile Barcelona technology catwalk

The place to experience technology and new devices for safer, more efficient and more comfortable driving

Autonomous Driving
Solutions applied to safety, vehicle connection systems linked to their environment and innovations to assisted driving.

Technology at the service of the environment: electric cars, hybrids, charging points, and superchargers. Ecology and sustainability with the goal of reducing pollution.

Connected Car
The star is the connected vehicle, one of the main attractions of the event. Try out the latest developments applied to the new smart car.

Virtual Reality
Enjoy unique driving experiences via cutting-edge virtual reality systems, 3D glasses and screens.

Connected Street Experiences

Drive the car of the future in an internationally groundbreaking experience at an international motor show. Cutting-edge technology focused on safety, sustainability and aids to driving. In a technology circuit, spend 15 minutes testing the latest technologies in vehicles provided by the following participating brands.

Test drive tech experience

In a technology circuit testing the latest technologies in vehicles provided by the following participating brands.

  • 01 Park assistant

Let the car park itself

  • 02 Emergency Brake

Try out the emergency braking system that responds to unexpected obstacles

  • 03 Infotainment

Try out the very best in information and entertainment systems which will keep you constantly connected

  • 04 Blind Spot Information System

Discover blind-spot detection and drive more safely

  • 05 Traffic Sign Recognition

Traffic sign recognition will keep you constantly informed of the permitted speed limit


Experience the smooth, relaxed driving offered by an electric vehicle. Forget about gear changes and enjoy a silent journey

Park Assistant

Discover the latest parking assistant technology. It parks automatically and searches for parking spaces using the cloud.

Participating brands







Connected Theatre

The technological catwalk for the smart car where you can enjoy an open-air space and a large screen with constant exhibitions and demonstrations.

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