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Visions and perspectives in response to the challenges facing the industry

Experts and leaders from the established car and telecom industry, new entrants and disruptive players in the areas of car connectivity, mobility and autonomous cars as well as technology experts, startups and entrepreneurs will cover the latest and most challenging topics during the two-days of the congress.


Please note that these topics are subject to change

Mobility Beyond Car Ownership

Why business models for cars need to evolve

Over the past several years, a new host of car-sharing, car-pooling and ride-hailing services have shaken the foundations of the car ownership landscape. Consumers, particularly Millennials, are hungry for new ways to access the car, perhaps more than owning the vehicle itself, while manufacturers are becoming aware that the automobile is just a part of the new mobility equation. The battle is now fought on the smartphone and the digital arena, thereby automotive companies must adapt. In fact, in many major countries, OEMs are already exploring and rolling out diverse car sharing schemes offering competitive advantage over non-OEM providers. What are the new business models to be explored to expand the total offering that cars provide to drivers? How can the different industry players deliver the best technology and the widest range of additional services to access mobility on demand?

Keywords: shared cars, shared-mobility, car-sharing, car-pooling, e-hailing, new mobility models, car ownership, new business models, on-demand mobility, door-to-door mobility, automaker strategies

Digitalization of the Connected Car Industry

When data eclipses horsepower

The race to build the fully connected car, and ultimately the autonomous vehicle, programmed not to crash and to shorten commuting times, is already under way. Today, the automobile, mechanical to its soul, needs to compete in a digital world, which demands new expertise and attracts competitors from outside the industry as data eclipses horsepower. This shift creates new business models, new monetization strategies and opportunities to improve automakers' economics, but also new challenges. The combination of IoT with data analytics can raise productivity, big data simulations and virtual modeling can lower development costs, common platforms can connect supply and demand globally. Yet, cybersecurity and regulatory oversight are essential to protect driver-generated data and improve customer's experience. How can stakeholders strategically respond to digital disruption? How can they map new routes for customer-centric connected journeys?

Keywords: car services, apps and content, monetization strategies, revenue pools, business models, digital strategy, customer journey, data, internet, cognitive commerce, e-commerce, platform economy, customer experience, auto brand

The Connected Car Ecosystem

Why technology is only part of the puzzle

The IoT-enabled car is evolving into a connectivity hub for an entire ecosystem of companies that offer new services to improve mobility and enhance the user and driver experience. From an auto brand perspective, these value-added services can help retain the loyalty of customers over the vehicle's lifecycle and generate incremental revenue streams. In fact, OEMs are making great strides in ADAS, in-car contextual user experience (UX), data management, telematics and vehicle-to-everything (V2X) systems. Yet, technology is only part of the puzzle and innovation needs to occur across monetization strategies and business models to keep pace with an evolving market. How do all these changes affect the distribution of value in the automotive industry? How can industry players recoup their investments in connected and autonomous vehicles?

Keywords: car services, apps and content, infotainment, communications, oem, monetization strategies, revenue pools, business models, digital strategy, data, internet of cars, iot, ecosystem, in-car communications, smartphone, dashboard, ivi, ux, connectivity

Beyond the Car - Designing the New Connected Mobility

How to design the connected roads of the future

The utopia of road traffic dominated by autonomous vehicles is not science fiction anymore. Self-driving technology has developed far faster than experts envisioned and driverless cars are already operating on many testing fields and public roads. Pioneering cities and states, together with the industry leaders and regulators, are working together to develop the legal framework, homologation practices and infrastructure conditions for driverless cars to be a safe and proven way of mobility. How can this new connected mobility develop in a context where the average age of road vehicles is around 10 years in Europe and more than 11 years in the US? How can we design the connected roads of the future?

Keywords: autonomous cars, test regions and proving grounds, autonomous vehicle deployment strategies, autonomous vehicle testing, rules & regulations, strategic partnerships, connected vehicle initiative, digital roads

Connected & Autonomous Cars - Urban Perspective

Why the future of urban mobility will be connected and automated

The city of the 21st century will probably be shaped by the autonomous automobile, as stressed during the last Smart City Expo World Congress. However, self-driving cars will not suddenly become available. The transition will be gradual, although some big cities are already working on advanced technologies to make cars more autonomous and able to communicate with other vehicles and their environment, thus making transportation intelligent. This certainly requires a huge investment on urban infrastructures. Meanwhile, a plethora of ride-sharing and ride-hailing options, together with apps and new connectivity options are popping up and transforming mobility into a multimodal, on-demand and more convenient experience for citizens. In this scenario, how can local authorities help accelerate the development of the most convenient mobility solutions? How can they tackle the upcoming challenges of vehicle-to-vehicle and autonomous driving in the urban environment?

Keywords: new mobility, sustainable mobility, navigation, maps, urban mobility, traffic and safety, smart cities, vehicle communications infrastructure, stakeholder cooperation, zero accidents, autonomous driving, mobility platforms

Connected Car Industry 4.0

Why smart manufacturing brings forth value creation

Industry 4.0 is defined by connectedness. The concept is getting increasingly pervasive, even if sometimes it goes by different names such as smart manufacturing or Industrial Internet of Things (IIoT). The reality is it does help to bring forth the idea that advances in manufacturing will help the industry focus on key functional pillars such as technology, collaboration, and processes, thereby enormous potential for value creation. Yet, with new players drawing customers away from traditional car ownership, OEMs need to enable their connected strategies to work for them. How can they get the most of the industry's transition and look for synergies within the ecosystem to ensure the sustainability of the sector beyond the influx of technology' disruptors?

Keywords: industry 4.0, manufacturing technology, manufacturing processes, process monitoring, digital, connectivity, robotics, artificial intelligence, big data, artificial vision, cyberphysical systems, internet of things, smart factories, oem advanced manufacturing strategies

Connectivity, Communications & Infrastructure: Challenges and Opportunities

Why telecoms are key to speed up a driverless future

Autonomous vehicles, ubiquitously connected cars and communications between vehicles and vehicles and their surroundings will become the basis for future mobility and transportation models. While these new features catch on, one of the factors that will turn the concept into a reality is the use of high capacity telecommunication networks, vehicle-to-vehicle (V2V) and vehicle-to-infrastructure (V2I) technologies. Yet, while the required technology is deployed, different solutions are available to bring connected cars to the roads. At the same time, as the car becomes the promised ultimate mobile device, cybersecurity, data protection and privacy issues also emerge. How secure are connected cars? What are the challenges and opportunities for the telecom industry in this scenario? How can stakeholders speed up the development of common standards, data protection laws and cybersecurity?

Keywords: v2x, 5g, networks, communication technology, iot, m2m, car to car, ubiquity, communications infrastructure, satellites, telematic unit, ota, cybersecurity, software, cloud management, cybersecurity, telematics, remote services, ecall, data protection, data integrity, embedded software, security solutions

Future Cars, New Mobility

On the road to personal mobility

Over the last years, the concept of the car has morphed into a securely connected system with the capacity to sense the environment, think, and act autonomously. Artificial Intelligence (AI) and machine learning could also drive choices in personal mobility in the years to come, giving Millennials, Gen Y and city dwellers new possibilities that fit into their lifestyle. Yet, even if the future looks bright for electric, connected and autonomous vehicles, which have the potential to improve safety by removing human error and increase the efficiency of car owners, new mobility is not just a brain with wheels. Policies should be developed with the user in mind, prioritizing access, not movement for its own sake. What kind of skills and mindsets need to be fostered to meet this challenge?

Keywords: automated vehicles, adas, autonomous car, self-driven car, driverless car, artificial intelligence, sensors, safety, once in a million events, mobility transformation, impact on urban mobility, new vehicles, electric cars, smart mobility, autonomous supercars

The Changing Landscape of the Connected Car Industry

How to turn car-generated data into valuable products and services

Today, connectivity is seen as an essential need that consumers demand anywhere anytime. In cars, too. Our vehicles, which used to be just a means to go from point A to point B with some gadgetry included for some entertainment, are incorporating a host of new experiences and connectivity features bringing opportunities for car data monetization. Yet, while customers may be interested in data-enabled features that make mobility safer or more convenient, they're still reluctant to share more personal information. How can industry players turn car-generated data into valuable products and services? How can the insurance space respond to the challenges brought by new mobility models, gain increased insight into drivers' habits and assess price and risk accordingly to retain its customers? Opportunities are out there.

Keywords: new business models, monetization, changing roles, value ownership, strategies, key players, threats and opportunities, insurance industry, incumbents, new entrants, disruption

Startup Pitching Sessions

Come meet the future players of the connected car industry

Collaboration will certainly accelerate the development of new mobility. As the automotive industry need to adapt to new emerging business models, established players are increasingly looking for young creative business startups to partner and develop groundbreaking solutions. Cooperation and open innovation models related to the connected car ecosystem powered by IoT also attract investors, corporations and public institutions to reframe their current definition of innovation and pushing automotive boundaries. These sessions are designed to help different stakeholders encounter and network in a friendly environment. Come meet the future players of the connected car industry, discover disruptive ideas and make new ventures.

Keywords: innovation, disruptive ideas, oem open innovation, startups, entrepreneurship, elevator pitch, new ventures, venture capital, business angels, investment, new business models

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  • Luca de Meo

    Luca de Meo

    President - SEAT

  • Stefan Schumacher

    Stefan Schumacher

    Director Global Automotive Solutions - IBM

  • Massimo Cavazzini

    Massimo Cavazzini

    Digital Director EMEA - Oracle

  • Jens Baron

    Jens Baron

    Product Lead, In-Car Applications - Waze

  • Fej Shmuelevitz

    Fej Shmuelevitz

    Senior Program Manager - Waze

  • Jordi Jané

    Jordi Jané

    Minister of Home Affairs - Generalitat de Catalunya

  • Jordi Baiget

    Jordi Baiget

    Minister for Business and Knowledge – Generalitat de Catalunya

  • Ilona Simpson

    Ilona Simpson

    Co-founder - Automotive Future

  • Emmanuel Dollé

    Emmanuel Dollé

    Regional Director Southern Europe - Facebook

  • Julien Masson

    Julien Masson

    Head of Connected Car - Orange

  • Franck Leveque

    Franck Leveque

    Mobility Business Unit Leader - Frost & Sullivan

  • Andreu Veà

    Andreu Veà

    President - Internet Society Spain

  • Armin Fendrich

    Armin Fendrich

    General Manager EMEA - RideCell

  • Christophe Mandon

    Christophe Mandon

    CEO Iberian Area - PSA Group

  • Kai Ni

    Kai Ni

    Vice-President of Autonomous Driving - LeSee

  • Dieter Becker

    Dieter Becker

    Global/EMA/German Chair of Automotive and Global Lead Partner - KPMG

  • Vicenç Aguilera

    Vicenç Aguilera

    President - Clúster de la Indústria d'Automoció de Catalunya

  • Mar Alarcón

    Mar Alarcón

    Founder & CEO - Social Car

  • Juan José Areal Alonso

    Juan José Areal Alonso

    Head of the Process Innovation Project - PSA Group

  • Javier Barahona

    Javier Barahona

    Deputy Head of Global Costumer Unit Telefónica - Ericsson

  • Richard Barlow

    Richard Barlow

    Founder & CEO - Wejo

  • Pilar Bernat

    Pilar Bernat

    CEO & Editor in Chief - Telefonía y Comunicaciones, and

  • Núria Betriu

    Núria Betriu

    Director General of Industry and CEO - ACCIÓ

  • Joost Bijlsma

    Joost Bijlsma

    Operational Director - Toogethr

  • Alberto Bonamico

    Alberto Bonamico

    Business Development Executive - RealVNC

  • Sebastián Canadell

    Sebastián Canadell

    President - B4Motion Venture Lab

  • José Manuel Caramés Pons

    José Manuel Caramés Pons

    Director of IoT Go-to-Market - Telefónica

  • Blai Carandell

    Blai Carandell

    Co-Founder & CEO - Cassius Play

  • Abel Carbonell

    Abel Carbonell

    Head of Electronics - Applus IDIADA

  • Hans Christ

    Hans Christ

    Co-Founder & CEO - Llollo

  • Francesc Corberó

    Francesc Corberó

    Communication General Manager – Nissan

  • Christian Costaganna

    Christian Costaganna

    Marketing General Manager Spain and Portugal – Nissan

  • Paulin Dementhon

    Paulin Dementhon

    Founder & CEO - Drivy

  • Eugenia Doménech

    Eugenia Doménech

    Director - Servei Català de Trànsit

  • Ignacio Escudero

    Ignacio Escudero

    Director – Aigües de Barcelona

  • Gregory Ewert

    Gregory Ewert

    President, Connected Car & Intelligent Transport – Inmarsat

  • Gustavo Filip

    Gustavo Filip

    Account General Manager BMW Group - HPE

  • Ricard Garriga

    Ricard Garriga

    Co-Founder & GP – Torret Road Capital, Menorca Millennials

  • Salvador Giró

    Salvador Giró

    CEO - Infaimon's Group

  • Luis Miguel González

    Luis Miguel González

    Director - AutoRevista

  • Marcus Janke

    Marcus Janke

    Senior Principal Security - Infineon

  • Yoni Kahana

    Yoni Kahana

    CyberSecurity Engineering Group Manager - GM / Chairman of the Security Working Group - CAR 2 CAR CC

  • Cédric Lévy-Bencheton

    Cédric Lévy-Bencheton

    Managing Consultant - IOActive

  • Matthias Mandelkow

    Matthias Mandelkow

    Founder & CEO - Sunhill Technologies

  • Marco Maréchal

    Marco Maréchal

    Strategical Communications Advisor - To Connect

  • Marco Marlia

    Marco Marlia

    CEO - MotorK

  • Iván Martín

    Iván Martín

    Principal Consultant and Lead for Digital Transformation - Quint Wellington Redwood

  • Rosella Mattioli

    Rosella Mattioli

    Security and Resilience of Communication Networks Officer - ENISA

  • Thomas Mercier

    Thomas Mercier

    Senior Business Development EMEA - AppDirect

  • Jaime Moreno

    Jaime Moreno

    Deputy Director for Mobility Management - DGT

  • Marta Muñoz Méndez-Villamil

    Marta Muñoz Méndez-Villamil

    Research and Operations Director - IDC Spain

  • Lukas Neckermann

    Lukas Neckermann

    Managing Director - Neckermann Strategic Advisors

  • Ricardo Olalla

    Ricardo Olalla

    Sales Vice-President for Mobility Solutions – Bosch Spain

  • Manuel Orejas

    Manuel Orejas

    Director - Observatorio del Vehiculo de Empresa

  • José Pacheco

    José Pacheco

    Managing Partner - B4Motion Venture Lab

  • Joan Palacín

    Joan Palacín

    Business Unit Director, Advanced Communications - FICOSA

  • Mónica Pérez Lobo

    Mónica Pérez Lobo

    Head of Digital Centre of Excellence - Toyota Europe

  • Marcos Pillado

    Marcos Pillado

    Product Manager, Connected Vehicle & Cooperative Systems for Electronics – Applus IDIADA

  • Josep Miquel Piqué

    Josep Miquel Piqué

    President - La Salle Technova

  • Hilario Prados

    Hilario Prados

    Person in Charge of the Business Relationship IT Department - Renault

  • Jordi Puigneró

    Jordi Puigneró

    Secretary of Telecommunications, Cybersecurity and Digital Society - Government of Catalonia

  • Jaime Rodríguez

    Jaime Rodríguez

    General Manager for Spain and Portugal - BlaBlaCar

  • Raul Rojas

    Raul Rojas

    Professor of Artificial Intelligence - Freie Universität Berlin

  • Carlos Román

    Carlos Román

    Sales and Business Development Director for Public Sector EMEA - INRIX

  • Davide de Sanctis

    Davide de Sanctis

    Country Manager for Spain and Portugal - Octotelematics

  • Esther Sánchez

    Esther Sánchez

    IT Development Director - AXA Spain

  • Oriol Sanleandro

    Oriol Sanleandro

    General Manager - Cabify

  • Henrik Svensson

    Henrik Svensson

    Director Commercial Project Management – Lynk & Co

  • Jeannet Van Arum

    Jeannet Van Arum

    Director Smart Mobility - Provincie Noord-Holland