Topics Speakers

Visions and perspectives in response to the challenges facing the industry

Experts and leaders from the established car and telecom industry, new entrants and disruptive players in the areas of car connectivity, mobility and autonomous cars as well as technology experts, startups and entrepreneurs will cover the latest and most challenging topics during the two-days of the congress.


Please note that these topics are subject to change

Connected Car Landscape

Changing roles, value ownership, strategies, key players, threats and opportunities, industry leadership, incumbents, new entrants, disruption.

Monetizing the Connected Car

Car services, apps and content, monetization strategies, revenue pools, business models, usage based, telematics, digital strategy.

Connected Mobility

Shared cars, car-sharing, car-pooling, e-hailing, new mobility models, car ownerships, new business models, usage based mobility, impact on insurance industry, millennials, native digitals.

Connected & Autonomous Cars: Urban Mobility Perspective

Door-to-door mobility, mobility and infrastructure related services, sustainable mobility, navigation and maps, urban mobility related services, traffic and safety, cities and communications infrastructure, smart cities.

Communications & Infrastructure: Challenges & Opportunities

V2X, 5G, networks, communication technology, IoT, M2M, maps, speed, car to car, ubiquity, communications infrastructure, satellites.

Connectivity and Software in the Car

OTA, software, upgradable cars, cloud magement, cybersecurity, telematics, software integration, remote services, recalls, car differentiation, software ecosystem, software development, open systems, frameworks, apis, standardization.

Autonomous & Self-Driven Cars

Automated cars, ADAS, autonomus car, selfdriven car, driveless car, deep learning, artificial intelligence, sensors, big data, neural networks, software integrity, cybersecurity, safety, once in a million events, autopilot, machine learning, business transformation, mobility transformation, impact on urban mobility.

Cooperation and Innovation in the Connected Car Industry

Alliances, cooperation standardization, venture capital, open innovation, ecosystem, technology integration.

Projected Program

12 Keynote Sessions
7 Inspirational Talks
10 Discussion Panels
6 Roundtables
3 Startup pitches

Leading figures in the industry

Be inspired and connect with international acclaimed speakers and thought leaders at the
Automobile Barcelona – Connected Hub

  • Luca de Meo

    Luca de Meo

    President - SEAT

  • Agustín Martín

    Agustín Martín

    President & CEO - Toyota Spain

  • Julien Masson

    Julien Masson

    Head of Connected Car - Orange

  • Franck Leveque

    Franck Leveque

    Mobility Business Unit Leader - Frost & Sullivan

  • Stefan Schumacher

    Stefan Schumacher

    Director Global Automotive Solutions - IBM

  • Massimo Cavazzini

    Massimo Cavazzini

    Digital Director EMEA - Oracle

  • Armin Fendrich

    Armin Fendrich

    General Maneger EMEA - RideCell

  • Ilona Simpson

    Ilona Simpson

    Founder - Automotive Future

  • Andreu Veà

    Andreu Veà

    President - Internet Society Spain

  • Vicenç Aguilera

    Vicenç Aguilera

    President - Clúster de la Indústria d'Automoció de Catalunya

  • Mar Alarcón

    Mar Alarcón

    Founder & CEO - Social Car

  • Juan José Areal Alonso

    Juan José Areal Alonso

    Head of the Process Innovation Project - PSA Group

  • Javier Barahona

    Javier Barahona

    Deputy Head of Global Costumer Unit Telefónica - Ericsson

  • Richard Barlow

    Richard Barlow

    Founder & CEO - Wejo

  • Jens Baron

    Jens Baron

    Product Lead, In-Car Applications - Waze

  • Dieter Becker

    Dieter Becker

    Global/EMA/German Chair of Automotive and Global Lead Partner - KPMG

  • Joost Bijlsma

    Joost Bijlsma

    Operational Director - Toogethr

  • Alberto Bonamico

    Alberto Bonamico

    Business Development Executive - RealVNC

  • José Manuel Caramés Pons

    José Manuel Caramés Pons

    Director of IoT Go-to-Market - Telefónica

  • Blai Carandell

    Blai Carandell

    Co-Founder & CEO - Cassius Play

  • Abel Carbonell

    Abel Carbonell

    Head of Electronics - Applus IDIADA

  • Thomas Daiber

    Thomas Daiber

    CEO - Hubject

  • Paulin Dementhon

    Paulin Dementhon

    Founder & CEO - Drivy

  • Gustavo Filip

    Gustavo Filip

    Account General Manager BMW Group - HPE

  • Salvador Giró

    Salvador Giró

    CEO - Infaimon's Group

  • Luis Miguel González

    Luis Miguel González

    Director - AutoRevista

  • Marcus Janke

    Marcus Janke

    Senior Principal Security - Infineon

  • Yoni Kahana

    Yoni Kahana

    CyberSecurity Engineering Group Manager - GM / Chairman of the Security Working Group - CAR 2 CAR CC

  • Cédric Lévy-Bencheton

    Cédric Lévy-Bencheton

    Managing Consultant - IOActive

  • Matthias Mandelkow

    Matthias Mandelkow

    Founder & CEO - Sunhill Technologies

  • Christophe Mandon

    Christophe Mandon

    CEO Iberian Area - PSA Group

  • Marco Maréchal

    Marco Maréchal

    Strategical Communications Advisor - To Connect

  • Iván Martín

    Iván Martín

    Principal Consultant and Lead for Digital Transformation - Quint Wellington Redwood

  • Rosella Mattioli

    Rosella Mattioli

    Security and Resilience of Communication Networks Officer - ENISA

  • Thomas Mercier

    Thomas Mercier

    Senior Business Development EMEA - AppDirect

  • Jaime Moreno

    Jaime Moreno

    Deputy Director for Mobility Management - DGT

  • Marta Muñoz Méndez-Villamil

    Marta Muñoz Méndez-Villamil

    Research and Operations Director - IDC Spain

  • Lukas Neckermann

    Lukas Neckermann

    Managing Director - Neckermann Strategic Advisors

  • Kai Ni

    Kai Ni

    Vice-President of Autonomous Driving - LeSee

  • Joan Palacín

    Joan Palacín

    Business Unit Director, Advanced Communications - FICOSA

  • Hilario Prados

    Hilario Prados

    Person in Charge of the Business Relationship IT Department - Renault

  • Jaime Rodríguez

    Jaime Rodríguez

    General Manager for Spain and Portugal - BlaBlaCar

  • Raul Rojas

    Raul Rojas

    Professor of Artificial Intelligence - Freie Universität Berlin

  • Carlos Román

    Carlos Román

    Sales and Business Development Director for Public Sector EMEA - INRIX

  • Davide de Sanctis

    Davide de Sanctis

    Country Manager for Spain and Portugal - Octotelematics

  • Oriol Sanleandro

    Oriol Sanleandro

    General Manager - Cabify

  • Fej Shmuelevitz

    Fej Shmuelevitz

    Senior Program Manager - Waze

  • Jeannet Van Arum

    Jeannet Van Arum

    Director Smart Mobility - Provincie Noord-Holland

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