Discover the proposals of the brands first hand and test a multitude of vehicles in the Test Drive area

Test the vehicle you want to buy in the Test Drive area

The Test Drive area allows you to experience all the technology and features that the Darrers models offer. In testing the car, I will be able to check if it adjusts to your needs and preferences, and if it adapts to your driving style.

Taking a test drive will also allow you to assess the performance of the car, such as its acceleration, braking, handling and stability. You will also be able to check the comfort of the seats, the visibility from the driver, and the functionality of the entertainment and navigation systems.

The Test Drive is a fundamental step before deciding on the purchase. It helps you make an informed and confident decision, and allows you to enjoy all the technology and features that the latest models have to offer.

Be sure to visit the Test Drive area to experiment with the vehicle you want to buy and let yourself be surprised by everything it offers you.

Level 0

No driving automation – Driving tasks are performed entirely by the driver

Level 1

Driver Assistance – Automatic Emergency Braking

Level 2

Partial driving automation

Level 3

Conditional driving automation

Level 4

High level of driving automation. Get in an autonomous vehicle.

Levels of autonomous driving